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Junior Summer Camps UK

If you are looking for a good quality summer camp for your kids, where they can improve their English and have a joyful stay with international students of their age, then our staff of consultants can suggest different option all around the UK. KBM Consultants cooperate with different English Summer Camps in Great Britain. All the Junior Summer Camps are fully accredited by the British Council, members of English UK, so they pass regular checks and supervisions to double check about the quality of the premises and to ensure the kidsí experience is indeed an unforgettable one!

The Junior Summer Camps are generally organized this way: the young students have lessons of English in the morning, generally no more than 15 lessons per week from Monday to Friday. The rest of the day, they are involved in a series of activities and sports, this goes from different games and theatre to all kind of sports, half-day excursions and visits to museum and some other places of cultural interest.

The Junior Summer Camps are all extremely safe and there is always 24 hour supervision with on site with staff from the school which organizes the summer camp.

The young students can generally choose to stay on campus, in residential accommodation, with different options to choose from (single or shared rooms, ensuite or shared bathroom options), or they can stay with a local British family for a full immersion in the local culture and to have a full exposure to the English language while on their study holiday in the UK.

All teachers are qualified and mother-tongue and they all have experience in teaching to younger students. The schools all organize a full inclusive package, so the students are collected from the airport when they arrive in the UK and they are brought back upon departing from the UK.

All students are provided with full insurance coverage and all are kept extremely busy during the day with a series of activities even during the evening, such as karaoke, disco night, cinema night and theatre performances.

In the last two years, some organizations have understood that some more mature students may be willing to share their experience abroad with students in their age range, so there has been an increase in course dedicated to the Young Adults, aged between 16 and 18 or sometimes 19.

These summer course still provide a high degree of supervision and daily schedule organization, leaving the more mature students a bi of freedom to take full advantage of their study holiday.

Here is a list of partner schools of KBM Consultants. Please send us an email if you need a quote for a course(you can contact Emanuela at emanuela@stage-corsi-inglese.it):

For more information feel free to contact one of our consultants today.