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English at the sea

For those students who have already been in the UK or in Ireland for a language course and who are looking for a different experience, English at the Sea may be the right solution.

You can indeed take advantage of a study holiday during the summer without giving up suntan and a beautiful and relaxing holiday.

KBM Consultants can provide you with all the necessary information about three beautiful locations, where you can still improve your English and bath in wonderful, blues and clean waters: the islands of Malta and Cyprus and the South of Turkey in Antalya with Fethiye as your study destination.

With the program English at the Sea, you can study General or Intensive English, you can prepare for an Exam or Certification of the English language, you can take one-to-one to suit all students’ needs or you can relax on some English Cultural Experience Program where you study English in the morning and then participate to a series of activities and sea sports in the afternoon or during the weekend.

Malta is the heart of the Mediterranean and due to its central location and to its past history, it may be considering a melting pot of culture with lots of influences from both the Christian and Arabian world.

There is so much to visit in Malta and it is an island that offers tradition and modernity at the same time. St Julians for instance in the middle of the island is a lovely place for students, especially at night with lots of nice restaurants, cafeterias and disco clubs.

If you are looking for history and tradition, you cannot miss a visit to Mdina, the old Arab part of the island or again La Valletta with its walls on top of the island. Malta is very close to Italy and it has a mild climate all year round, though it may be quite hot at summer time. A visit the Italian island of Sicily from Malta is worth the trip or you can also visit the beautiful surrounding islands of Gozo and Comino.

Here is a list of partner schools of KBM Consultants. Please send us an email if you need a quote for a course (you can contact Emanuela at emanuela@stage-corsi-inglese.it):

Cyprus is another beautiful island basking in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun all year round. Similar to Malta, Cyprus combines a modern country with an impressive ancient history. Cyprus has strong historical ties with Great Britain, so English is widely spoken throughout the Island.

Cyprus has something for everyone and students have the benefit of combining language learning with a cultural experience. Students can study and improve their English while sitting back and relaxing on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches or for those who are looking for a more energetic experience there are many stunning mountains and ancient ruins to be explored.

Here is a list of partner schools of KBM Consultants. Please send us an email if you need a quote for a course (you can contact Emanuela at emanuela@stage-corsi-inglese.it):

  • The Language Explorer Cyprus (Price List 2014)
  • English in the South of Turkey is quite a new way of improving your language and of breaking barriers. Fethiye where our partner school is, is indeed a place that would need more explanation. Fethiye in quite a small seaside location in Antalya where there are around 7000 British residents.

    These are mainly retired British citizens who have decided to buy their home in Fethiye, where they can take advantage of a very mild climate all throughout the year, and where they can stay in large multi floor villas surround by gardens with fruit trees and sometimes beautiful and big swimming pools. So this is quite a different experience for the student, as he or she can stay with a British family and enjoy these beautiful premises and villas and eventually eat some homemade jam in the morning.

    The British community in Fethiye is all very welcoming and there are different occasions when you can find yourself with all the other families and students who are spending their time in Fethiye.

    The sea is beautiful and as blue as you can only imagine. The school organizes a range of activities, sports and excursions, one of the top visit is the one that brings you to discover the Ghost Town quite close to Fethiye. Turkey is the bridge between the east and the west and Turkish food is delicious with quite a varied meal plan of vegetables, fruits, cheeses and desserts. Turkey is also famous for its Spas and Turkish Baths. So don’t miss your chance to experience a different language experience.

    Here is a list of partner schools of KBM Consultants. Please send us an email if you need a quote for a course

  • IM Academy Fethiye (Price List 2014)
  • For more information feel free to contact one of our consultants today.