BT Digital Capability 2021 to 2022

How the fund is helping your organizations’ digital capability and how this will in turn help the people you support

Grant impacts on KBM

KBM has developed its own EMS software which is called KBM EMS (Enterprise Management System).
KBM delivery focus is on digital marketing. Digital marketing is a subject which we can fully deliver via online technology. Through the Digital Capability Fund, we will become digitally capable of providing our learning through online mediums. It will help us in developing a fully functional online learning platform. The community will benefit from the platform and continue their safe learning during and after the pandemic. It will help us in the community digital inclusion in gaining and sustaining jobs.

Aim of KBM EMS:

The main aim and goal of KBM EMS is to provide Accounting and Digital Marketing courses to youngsters through easy access of KBM EMS.
The funding will increase our digital capability, sustainability and use of technology. It will have the following impacts:

Grant impacts on Community/Target Groups

The groups will feel more equipped and confident towards digital skills. Participants would feel empowered and encouraged to step up their careers using digital tools. Participants would get inspired and gain self-awareness on digital mediums; the participants: